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How we work

“ Many thanks therefore for your good work. I would be surprised if there was anyone else who could have achieved what you did and I am grateful. ”

Community Representative for Town centre development in Wiltshire

A successful project is the result of collaboration, between architect and client, architect and planners, architect and contractor.  The architect is the common factor in all these relationships.  Although a good building may speak for itself once completed, its design and construction is dependent upon good communication and personal inter-relationships. We recognise how fundamental these people skills are and pride ourselves upon our abilities in this regard.

Whatever the project, our approach to each is uniquely tailored to its situation and to differing requirements, site-specific or client led.  In some instances, new work will be designed to integrate seamlessly within an existing setting, in others contemporary interventions spring confidently from today. In all cases, meticulous research is a prelude to carefully considered concepts followed by hard work, collaborative teamwork, rigorous detailing and close attention to the construction process implemented on site.