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Our philosophy

“ ...the practice is recognized as working sensitively in the historic styles of architecture......the design is a model of architectural literacy, does no violence to the building and is a work of genuine accomplishment ”

Anthony Symondson SJ - quoted in the Catholic Herald

Creativity, conservation and sustainability are fundamental to our way of thinking.  Creativity must be sustainable.  Conservation is inherently sustainable but must be creative too, if a viable future is to be found for the past.  New buildings or old both need to find a sustainable place within their individual contexts.  Each is unique.  Each is dependent upon a creative spark to ensure its vitality.

Our enthusiasms are for appropriate design solutions, be they for new work within historic environments or high quality architectural conservation. A sustainable approach to the creative use or re-use of buildings is the practice’s ambition and we strive to foster a respect for ancient fabric while allowing the buildings within our care to respond to today’s needs, developing if necessary and as appropriate.