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“ ...From our first discussions and throughout the development of the project, you have been consistent in working towards bringing into reality an accessible, appropriate and dignified space....I very much appreciate your generous assistance and all your patient management of the work. For me, it has been an exciting, though at times nerve-wracking project, which in the end has proved to be very much worth working for... ”

Fr. Christopher Heaps - Parish Priest, Battersea

St. Ann’s Gate Architects is a practice with a proven track record in both conservation and sustainable architectural design in sensitive historic settings. In addition to the collective years of experience shared within the practice, both partners are experienced and creative architects with post graduate qualifications in building conservation. They lead a dedicated team with similar skills, backed up by efficient and capable technical and administrative staff. Loving the work we do and enjoying working together creates a professional and friendly service for all our clients, whether owners of domestic listed properties or people responsible for major historic landmarks. We would love to work with you on your project and look forward to hearing from you.

Formed in 2009 from the original practice of Michael Drury Architects, the partners offer personal attention to every project, and will be involved from inception to completion, translating high design quality into a carefully finished end product, whether new-build, alteration or pure conservation.  Stretching across a wide variety of work from cathedrals to churches, historic monuments, museums and private houses, each partner brings a different skill and experience within the practice.

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Michael Drury

Michael Drury - Senior Partner Michael Drury has more than 30 years’ experience, working in early days as a commissioned architect for English Heritage, and founding his practice on the core ethos of building conservation. Accredited with the AABC, he is cathedral architect for Salisbury and Westminster Roman Catholic Cathedral, designed the West Front to Portsmouth Cathedral and currently looks after over thirty churches across five dioceses. He has experience with Conservation Plans, and has written ‘Wandering Architects’, a book on the Arts and Crafts architect Detmar Blow, collaborating on several publications on building conservation.

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Antony Feltham-King

Antony Feltham-King - Antony has been practicing at St.Ann’s Gate for over twenty-five years, and has built a reputation for innovative design and conservation within the field of historic buildings. He has a particular interest in ecclesiastical buildings, exemplified by his role as the Cathedral Architect at Gloucester and as Surveyor of the Fabric at Chichester Cathedral. He is also architect to numerous other significant church buildings in the south of England, such as the parish church of St.John Baptist in Cirencester and St.Thomas’ Church Salisbury. He is also a consulting architect for the National Trust, a trained access auditor and a voluntary member of a number of advisory groups. With a creative approach to architecture, skills in lighting design and much experience in building conservation, his abilities allow the custodians of historic properties realise the full potential that their buildings provide.

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