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A Hidden Extension

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A thatched cottage in a village outside of Salisbury demanded a more subtle and creative approach to enlargement.  The clients loved the setting of the property, which sat in a very private and tree-filled garden sloping down to a river and they had spent a great deal of time developing and nurturing.  The existing house had no outlook on this garden which was part of the design consideration. The final solution involved adapting the existing extension, to give a contrasting modern extension to the original house but respected the scale and massing of the thatched element, reducing the impact on the existing house of the additional space and providing a less conspicuous alteration to the property from public views, which was important with the proximity of neighbours and setting within the village.  The result provided a 'best of both worlds' house with the new spacious modern element not altering the cosy cottage feel to the older part of the house.

Photography - Ken Leslie
3D Model - Ben Steer