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Arundel Cathedral - Conserve

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Among the various repair projects undertaken at Arundel, the renewal of the cathedral ‘fleche’ was perhaps the most unusual.  The original building’s timber built lead clad fleche had been replaced in the 1970s with a fibreglass clad steel structure.  Regular inspections had identified that this covering had reached the end of its life by 2007.  The planned recovering in lead resulted in a complex rebuild, following discovery of the rusted steel frame past the inaccessible height of the cathedral bell.  The entire structure was dismantled, removed from site, rebuilt and reassembled, with new venting louvres and a refurbished bell.  A final topping out ceremony by the Bishop of Arundel and Brighton occurred in July 2011.

Photography - Mark Ketteringham (SFK), Ellis & Co. and St Ann's Gate Architects