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St.Martin Church

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The Church of St.Martin is the oldest in the city of Salisbury, predating even the Cathedral and the foundation of the city of New Sarum in the early thirteenth century.  St Ann’s Gate worked with David Gazeley of Watts & Co. Ltd, London, and the Rector the Rev. Keith Robinson, to create a new award winning sanctuary arrangement.  The works involving the alteration of floor levels and general re-paving, the formation of a new high altar dais, the creation of a new high altar, and the re-decoration and re-lighting of the chancel space.

The inspiration behind the new design is based on the New Jerusalem as described in Revelation 21. The embodiment of the concept centres on the hanging Pyx, containing the reserved sacrament. This is suspended above the new high altar, where the gilding of the Pyx is echoed in the design of the gold-plated metal panels surrounding the new Purbeck marble altar.

The altar can also be read as a geometric puzzle, a double cube, described by the shape of the mensa and stone base, with the sides formed by perforated metal panels, representing the twelve gates of the New Jerusalem. Behind and between the gates, the central core of the altar is inlaid with mosaic panels, based on Cosmati work found in the Cloister of St.John Lateran in Rome.

Photography - Peter Marsh and St Ann's Gate Architects