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St.Pancras Church London

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St.Pancras 'New Church' was constructed in the early 1820s to designs by William and Henry Inwood, a father and son architectural practice. This building was intended to serve the growing population in this part of London at the time. The church is an essay in neo-Classical design, borrowing elements from ancient Greece, particularly the tiered western tower modelled on the 'Tower of the Winds' in Athens, and especially the eastern porches, with their unique caryatids, based on those of the Erechtheion on the Acropolis. The caryatids, and many other decorative features around the building, are formed in terracotta, or a version of Coade stone. In addition, the large scale Portland stone blocks used for the cladding of the building were constructed using ferrous cramps, which are gradually corroding and causing damage to the surface masonry. The conservation needs of this building are thus complex and a programme of conservation is under discussion with the church.